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Helping to make faster data-driven decisions


Ping provides intelligent alerting capabilities to Business Intelligence.
Ping seamlessly connects to your BI environment and keeps users proactively informed of important changes to business data – helping to make faster, data-driven business decisions.


Ping Intelligent Alerting brings your data to life and proactively notifies your employees that important business data has changed and then directing them to the dashboard for further investigation. This not only increases your ROI of your BI & Analytics project but also makes your organisation more data informed and data driven.

• Increases user engagement with the data
• Enables you to manage by exception
• Decreases dashboard fatigue
• Increases BI & Analytics user adoption within organisations


Ping seamlessly connects through APIs to your BI platform allowing business users or administrators to create alerts off data that is in your dashboards. Whilst creating an alert through the intuitive interfaces, users can set advanced thresholds on their data on when to be notified. If a condition is met and an alert is triggered, users will be proactively notified via email as well as a notification through the Ping mobile phone app.



Ping Intelligent alerts support the primary aspects of business intelligence by improving information’s value and speed.
Data Alerts
Data Alerts
Data alerts is a fundamental feature of the Ping platform. It allows you to create alerts off the data within your Qlik Sense applications.
System Alerts
System Alerts
Systems alerts allows your developers and administrators to be notified on different statuses of the reload tasks in Qlik Sense, for example being alerted when a Qlik application fails to reload successfully.
Broadcast Notification
Broadcast Notification
Broadcast notifications allow you to push notifications out to your business users, for example letting them know when the system is down for maintenance or there is a new application that's just been published.
Share Alerts
Share Alerts
You can easily share alerts that you have created with colleagues which they can then customize and tailor to their own requirements.
Qlik Sense Integration
Qlik Sense Integration
Ping connects seamlessly with Qlik Sense allowing users to create alerts off their data. Security from Qlik Sense is reused to ensure that users are only able to create alerts off data that they have access too.
Delivery Channels
Delivery Channels
Alerts can be delivered via different delivery channels of your choice, for example, email and mobile phone applications.
Advanced Alert
Advanced Alert
Applying conditions to alerts often requires sophisticated functionality. Ping provides advanced alert condition capabilities that can be used to address many different use cases.
Daily Digest
Daily Digest
Limit the number of notifications you receive by pushing those less important, or less actionable alerts into a daily summary email.
Custom Emails
Custom Emails
Notifications can be customized per alert providing you the flexibility to really tailor the message and detail what the call to action is.

See Ping Intelligent Alerting in action with our full end to end demo. PLAY PING DEMO

Mobile first data alerts

Remain informed of data changes instead of receiving a report the day after a significant shift. This level of insight and control gives you the chance to change outcomes and shape your organisation future.

Ping Alert Workflow


Ping Platform

A complete AI-powered Data Engagement Platform that helps organisations understand, interpret and use enterprise data.

Ping TED Extension

Alerts can be set up directly from your Qlik application. Ping has been accredited as part of the Trusted Extension Developer Program

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Get insights and analyse why alerts were triggered using the RoxBot feature of Ping. This allows you to interact with your data as well as being able to set up alerts.


Receive proximity based alerts via the Ping mobile app. Geo-Ping monitors your location and triggers an alert when a loaded location of interest has matched.

Ping Integrator

From alerts to automation. Ping can trigger high-volume repeatable tasks to streamline your operations and reduce costs.

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Solution providers are those organizations that work with their customers to deliver innovative solutions, from installation, configuration and setup right the way through to systems integration. Whether you are a niche consultancy or a global systems integrator, RoxAI products provide opportunities to deliver additional services to your clients.


Technology partners jointly work with RoxAI to create integrations between RoxAI products and theirs to offer a shared value proposition and increase competitive advantage. This is the ideal partner type for OEM engagements where partners with their own technology want to bundle the capabilities of RoxAI products.


This option is best suited for those companies that would like to offer RoxAI products to
their customers but do not wish to engage in the sales, pre-sales or support phases of the opportunity. The opportunity would be handled directly by RoxAI or by another RoxAI partner and a successful referral fee would be paid to the referral partner once the opportunity
has come to successful close.
Referral Partners are required to register with RoxAI and officially sign up as a partner before a referral fee can be paid. Once signed up as a partner this provides access to basic marketing and presales material for positioning RoxAI products.


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