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Ping provides enterprise alerting for your Qlik Sense deployment. It offers self-service capabilities for users to create their own alerts on the data they have access to in Qlik Sense.

In most but not all cases the answer is yes you do need a Qlik Sense license to scan the data using Ping. Ping scans the data using your Qlik userID and therefore all of the security managed within Qlik is respected. However, we offer the capability to Broadcast the result of an alert to a wider audience. Recipients of these alerts (with a Ping Broadcast user license) do not need to have access to Qlik, only the alert owner needs licensed Qlik access.

At this time Ping works on Qlik Sense Enterprise only. We are working to include capability to connect to other data sources, such as Qlik Sense Cloud, Qlik Sense on Kubernetes, Tableau, PowerBI, Microstrategy and any ODBC and API accessible data source to allow you to use Ping to connect to and monitor all of your data through one portal. As an enterprise platform we have not considered Qlik Sense Desktop in our roadmap to date but please let us know if you have a burning use case where this is a requirement and we can always consider reviewing that decision.

Please contact us to find out more about license options and pricing https://www.pingalerting.com/#contact

the Ping server is a mandatory component of the Ping Platform and this comes with 25 user licenses for free.

We accept payment online via Credit Card, PayPal & Bank Transfer

You are billed for an annual subscription at the time of purchase

Yes. There is a server side installation required. For users there is no installation required apart from the iOS or Android mobile app if that is one of the delivery channels required.

Ping uses Qlik’s powerful APIs to authenticate, provide metadata when setting up and alert and provide the actual measure values for the Ping engine to process the alert check.

There are no limits to the number of alerts you can receive.

Ping is billed annually in advance

Yes there are Apps for iOS and Android

The Ping Mobile app doesn’t connect to your Qlik Sense environment. The app receives alerts from the Ping engine when they are triggered.

Each time an alert scan occurs only the measure value is stored in the Ping Database. This allows you to track scanned and alert triggered values over time to guide you and to allow you to set smart condition values.

Yes, Ping creates a separate session on Qlik Sense with your user name so you do not need to be logged in. If you are logged in the Ping session will remain distinct from your open hub sessions so you will not be interrupted in your work whilst Ping activates in the background.

Yes, there is a mandatory server component for the Ping platform.

Ping is a product of RoxAI who are Qlik Technology Partners

Depending on the number of licenses companies may be eligible for discounts

There is a download for the server component but for end users there is no download to use Ping

Yes, please signup here and your ready to go.

Good question as there is a widely recognised need. Qlik has a very broad range of areas to focus on and they encourage their technical partners to address some of the perceived gaps whilst they focus on the core areas of the platform. And now they don’t need to as we’ve comprehensively done it for them.

Yes, we have a TED certified Qlik Sense extension that will allow you to access Ping from your Qlik Sense dashboards. This includes passing details of your current application and selections to Ping to create and alert and conversely to apply the filter selections from your alert onto your dashboard for further analysis.

Ping is fully supported, therefore should you have any problems using Ping, the first port of call should be your implementation partner who provide the first level support. RoxAI support can be contacted at support@roxai.com

Ping offers a fully encompassed alerting platform for Qlik Sense (and other data sources), this includes data alerts, systems alerts, broadcast alerts and broadcast notifications.

You can contact us by clicking here

There is no limitation. Any valid license access will allow Ping to connect to the data you can see in the applications you are given access to.

How long does the free trial last

We will email you before your free 12 month trial expires. When you are ready to upgrade to a paid account, select the plan and the number of users you need. When you upgrade your trial account to paid, all of your work remains intact. If you do not sign up for a paid account at the end of your 12 month trial, your licenses will expire

Email us at support@roxai.com.

You can cancel directly from the User Portal or sending us an email on via contact us page. Reminder emails will be sent 7 days before expiry date

Registered users will need to go to My Account on www.pingalerting.com and re-generate new license keys subject to the terms and conditions and pricing changes.